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The Mission of the Heartland Coalition is to serve low-income residents of California, Nevada, Arizona and Alaska with projects in the areas of career and community development, healthcare, environmental protection and clean energy, disaster relief, education, objective and timely news, and public art.

The Heartland Coalition generates win/win partnerships that create good jobs, capable employees, and sustainable communities.

The overarching goal of the UnitedGREEN (Grassroots Environmental and Energy Network) Division of the Heartland Coalition is to speed the transition to a sustainable future by providing leadership and fostering communication, positive relationships, and linkages across and between key public and private sector entities of our economy and culture. To fulfill that goal, UnitedGREEN has four objectives, which include:

Facilitating a grassroots movement that unites the community in a shared fight for a truly sustainable future, hence our annual conference, Forging a Sustainable Future Fostering a green economy that hastens the arrival of green businesses employing a green-collar workforce.

Establishing a Smart Energy and Environmental Innovation Center, which will include environmental research and environmental outreach/volunteer facilities as well as a campus of the GreenSmart Technical College.

Project GreenSmart will continue to train high-risk youth, and veterans in the areas of weatherization, solar and wind energy, architecture, and Building Information Management Systems through the process of completing green retrofits of residential and commercial properties.

East County Magazine, Heartland’s award-wining online news publication, provides timely news that reflects all voices in the community, particularly those represented in other media. In addition to general news, ECM features numerous special sections such as Green Living, Homes, Refugee Voices, Latino Views, Tribal Views, Arts & Music, Business & Labor, and Wildfire News that are consistent with Heartland’s mission statement, helping to keep people safe and informed throughout our local communities. ECM’s many awards include environmental and multicultural reporting, as well as other features categories, investigative reporting and daily news.

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