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About Project Restoration

Project Restoration is administered by The Heartland Coalition and jointly funded by generous grants from the Allstate Foundation, San Diego Foundation, and the California Community Foundation.

Responding to Community Need

The firestorms of October 2003 devastated thousands of families throughout San Diego County. The Heartland Coalition moved swiftly to react and provide assistance to fire victims. Project Restoration was created to provide both immediate and long-term aid for families to become independent.

The Mission of Project Restoration

This project provides transportation , computers, books, interview clothing, psychological counseling, and personal productivity seminars featuring goal setting, time management, communication, and personal and organizational finance to disaster victims.

Our Responses

Productivity Seminars by The Heartland Coalition began on February 24th from 6-9pm in Ramona. Future seminars were planned for both Alpine and Scripps Ranch so that fire victims would not have to travel far to attend.

Donation Collection

We asked, and the community responded with donations for firestorm victims. Through their assistance, the Heartland Coalition has provided necessary services to fire survivors.


Andy & Irene lost their entire home-based business, as well as their home . Unable to replace their computers or inventory, they developed the goal to seek employment to build up their cash reserves.

Monty X, a Harbison Canyon resident, lost both his entire home and his 10 year old community-based business in the firestorm. He is a Vietnam Veteran and a quadriplegic. Monty is a recognized leader in the community and need a cart in his many efforts to assist OTHER fire survivors.

Madison Welsham, an Alpine resident who works as a machinist was assisted by Heartland with his transportation needs.

Jessica Dupras, a fire victim formerly from Lakeside is also a Project Destination student, studying to be a mechanic through the Cuyamaca College /Toyota program.

Thanks to our Friends

Citibank, Mr. Mike Creel of Cush Automotive, Mr. Simo Vukotich of Toyota of El Cajon, and Mr. Dyke of El Cajon Ford, as well as volunteers Debra Dahlen, William Draper, Tevita Moala, Ryan Mims, Kit Boucher and Victoria Turner.

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