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Heartland’s Project Renaissance has provided public art for schools and communities, also showcasing artwork by fire survivors. The public art projects span three cities, four school districts and a river park. More importantly, Project Renaissance has added multiple art courses across two school districts over an eight-year period. Project Renaissance Public Art for Our Schools and Communities.

Project Renaissance was originally funded by a generous grant from the Christensen Fund of Palo Alto, CA and sponsored by the Heartland Coalition in cooperation with the Lakeside Union School District of Lakeside, CA. The grant was written by Jackie Hanson who also directs Project Renaissance. Project Renaissance maintains that students and community members will feel pride and ownership in whatever they have helped create. By participating in a hands-on project that helps build or beautify their school or community, they will find positive outlets for self expression and be more motivated to value, protect, and improve that environment. Project Renaissance seeks to build aesthetic appreciation and access to the arts for students and the whole community. Bringing public art onto the campus and into the community can enrich the culture and quality of life for all residents. It can also inspire career choices and lifelong interest and enjoyment of the arts.

In addition to Jackie Hanson, the other artists and teachers who participated in Project Renaissance are:

• Mike McElhiney, lead teacher, Project 1 (RVHS Quad Structure)

• Mona Mills, lead artist, Projects 3 and 4 (“Peaceable Kingdom” and “Children of the Sun”)

• Jill Hall, arts consultant and assistant artist (RVHS Project 2)

•Mary Goins, assisting teacher, Projects 3 and 6 (LMS “Peaceable Kingdom” and River Park)

• Jan xxxx, assisting teacher, Projects 4 and 6 (TDS “Children of the Sun” and River Park)

• James Hubble, lead artist, Project 6 (River Park Sidewalk)

• Betty McMillen, assistant artist, Lakeside Community Mosaic

• Molly Welsh, lead teacher, Monte Vista Lion Mosaics

Project Renaissance School Projects:

Lakeside Union School District

River Valley High School RVHS Quad Structure (“The Wall”)

“Earth Elements” mosaic

“River Valley Biome” mosaic

“Macro-micro” science room countertop mosaic

Lakeside Middle School

“Peaceable Kingdom” sculptures

Tierra del Sol Middle School

“Children of the Sun” sculpture

Lakeview Elementary School

“Roadrunners Read” mosaic

Lakeside Farms Elementary School

“xxx” mosaic Lindo Park School

“xxx” mosaics

Grossmont High School District

Monte Vista High School

“Monarch Mosaics”

Alpine School District

Boulder Oaks Elementary School

“Van Gogh’s Flowers” tile quilt

Project Renaissance Community Projects

Lakeside, CA

“River Fish” mosaic sidewalk, part of Lakeside River Park Gate

“Main Street Mosaic (Horses and Riders)”

El Cajon, CA

“Tropical Scene” mosaic

San Diego, CA

“Labor Logo” mosaic

To learn more about Project Renaissance contact Mark Hanson at (619) 261-7180 or email Dr. Hanson at



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