Heartland Coalition Creates Good Paying Jobs at its El Cajon “Custom CoachWerks” Manufacturing Facility

Heartland’s private sector partner, United Green Industries (UGI), recently leased a 13,800 square foot custom automotive design and fabrication plant in El Cajon, CA and renamed it Custom CoachWerks (CCW). In terms of the business’s day-to-day operations, the Heartland Coalition is under contract with UGI to operate all aspects of this business including job training, job creation, business development and community relations. Heartland is credited with saving 11 jobs and then creating another 17 new jobs. Heartland identified the opportunity to restructure, repurpose and streamline this company in order to create a viable source for job development in our community. For the past 34 years this facility housed area experts in terms of creating unique state-of-the-art “replica cars.”

Heartland will continue offering the same quality services in terms of selling customized sports cars. In addition, Heartland will develop another product line and revenue source: an electric engine and electric vehicle assembly component; thus supporting the State of California’s commitment to expanding the development of electric vehicles to seriously reduce the State’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Heartland has a long history of community service with a focus on job creation, vocational retraining, second chance career development programs, and supporting emerging technologies. Heartland Coalition plans to create more than 80 or more full time positions at CCW. Many of the CCW employees will be recruited from veterans’ organizations and San Diego area automotive vocational schools.