About Heartland Sustainable Housing

Heartland Sustainable Housing, a division of Heartland Coalition 501(c)(3) is a San Diego based organization that works with private and institutional partners to provide viable purchase opportunities to low to moderate-income homebuyers.  HSH serves as a community resource to aid distressed homeowners in regaining self-sufficiency through homeowner counseling events, financial management courses, and foreclosure prevention programs.

Goals of Our Projects

There are three primary goals of the Heartland Sustainable Housing program. First, we seek to stabilize communities by purchasing REO properties that require extensive renovation. Second, our commitment to job development is realized through hands-on green job training. New apprentices learn valuable job skills and put them to work on our projects. Lastly, we fulfill our mission of community stabilization by helping low to moderate income families purchase the homes we renovate. Each completed project represents a small step towards our community stabilization goals.


Job Creation



Learn More and Get Involved

The Heartland Coalition seeks to build strong partnerships with private and public entities. The realization of our goals depends on collaboration and the support of our sponsors. Contact us for more information on our projects or to learn more about our mission and goals.

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