Program HEART

Homeowner Economic Assistance and Revitalization Trust

The HEART Program seeks to provide homeowners that are struggling with innovative solutions so they can stay in their homes long term. We recognize that the lending industry and many sponsored programs have failed to provide homeowners with the foreclosure relief they deserve. While it is certain that some homeowners are completely unable to pay for a mortgage, even on modified terms, others do have the capacity through regular employment and other sources of household income to make modified payments. Unfortunately, many homeowners, even with stable income, are regularly denied for loan modifications. This is where the HEART Program can help homeowners. If a homeowner can afford payments that are less than their current, combined principle, interest, tax and insurance payments, if their home is underwater, and if their home is in good condition they may qualify for the HEART Program. Qualified applicants have the ability to stay in their homes long term and ultimately end up with a mortgage balance comparable to current market value.


The mission of the HEART Program is threefold: (1) to assist homeowners that are able to make modified payments on their homes; (2) to stabilize communities throughout America; and (3) to continually research new, innovative ways to provide foreclosure relief to homeowners.


The vision of the HEART Program is to assist every American homeowner that is able to make modified payments their home stay in their home. We understand this vision is bold, but we believe that homeowners, communities, donors and HEART Program Partners, if thoroughly educated on the simplicity and benefits of our program, will rally behind our cause and help us spread the message of our unique program and help us bring the benefits of the program to homeowners in need.

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