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Development of the Heartland Healthcare Clinics is in progress. Heartland is planning to provide medical, dental and mental health services in the near future. Fees will be on a sliding scale and in some cases free of charge for those in need. Anyone wanting to make a donation to the Heartland Clinics is ask to contact Mark Hanson, (619) 261-7180,

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“Tune & Heal”, by Dr. Barbara Romanowska (Barbra Angel) has been known in Europe since 2003. It is an accumulation of In depth Cellular Music Therapy method (European Accreditation), mediation and practice, based on Eastern Medicine, sound healing researches and different frequencies of tuning forks. Is a natural solution of healing and bringing to light high vibrations into the three levels of being: Body, Mind and Soul.

This mission is the combination of musical knowledge, wisdom of spirit together with therapy and offers not only body-mind-soul but also life healing through:

1. Individual healing session.

Tune & Heal including In-depth Cellular Music Therapy sessions are the effective method of fighting against illnesses which bases upon the laws of physics, sound vibrations and TCM (acupuncture with tuning forks instead of needles), cures over 250 various disorders and brings ease and joy, simultaneously acting on the triple Body-Mind-Spirit.

According to the Tune & Heal techniques of applying the natural frequencies of the tuning forks, suitably selected to particular illnesses and body organs, we use especially packages for pain relief, cancer, overweight or premature aging according to the newlydiscovered researches. It works according to the principle of tuning body cells and organs to their scientifically discovered frequency found in a suitable tuning fork. With proper treatment and technique the cancerous cells become very weak and therefore they undergo disintegration to suitable frequencies and afterwards are being removed from the body’s natural system. The healthy cells remain intact and moreover nourished. This makes it a noninvasive method bringing a positive result to all the body cells and therefore almost immediately reducing the discomfort one feels

What is interesting during therapy, the cognition of one’s own health frequency (balance) which constitutes individual’s natural force to protect oneself against illnesses and at the same time teaches how to tune oneself to other people, new places or situations, is a perfect benefit for stressed lives that people lead in this century. Also a special diet recommendation according to Yang or Yin type of human constitution according to TCM is really beneficial!

2.Training courses of In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy Method which is approved by European Union (E.U.) System of Education which granted accreditation Akademia Dzwieku (Sound Academy) founded by Dr. Barbara Romanowska to honor this method. Through the E.U. certification system of education Dr. Barbara Romanowska’s In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy, a certificate on four stages will be earned by students interested in learning and applying this method which operating on cellular level. The courses are held in USA and Europe each year. Info: Person interested in Tune & Heal Training Course is welcome to fill out the application on our website and send to us for consideration.

3.Tune & Heal meditation provides all required steps to obtain all human needs such as: peace, healing, happiness, spiritual grow of consciousness and goal achievement. Master this technique of meditation is a solution to modern day healing and bringing to light high vibrations into the three levels of being: body, mind and soul. To know more click “meditation” on our website or sign in for special seminar to learn how to practice in proper way.

4.Healing concerts. The solemn and charismatic atmosphere of the strengthening power of faith during the concert in case of many people brings about a characteristic trance, levels off the energy balance in organisms, removes toxins, restores peace and harmony, and even heals disorders due to influence of POSITIVE sound wave frequencies working on cellular level for living organisms. In the past we have given concerts to Doctors, healers, artists, hospital staff and an array of folks all interesting in the healing powers of sound and vibration.

5.Tune & Heal Clinics. Currently we operate at three facilities and qualified additional locations to perform our mission. Find our locations or write us about the nearest partner facility near you. Qualified companies/person interested in opening a Tune & Heal Clinic are welcome to fill out the application and send to us for consideration. (Donates are welcome in order to open a new clinic in California, USA! )?

6.Art and Fashion based on healing energy working through colors (e.g.color therapy), shapes/materials (sculpts/art/paintings), words (poems, books), etc.

Our practices continue to heal people worldwide and are committed to training healers through our approved European Union Certificate Program to utilize our In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy Method. Our latest Tune & Heal mission that enables our human family to heal itself through sound techniques operating on cellular level and progressive, traditional eastern medicine is here to serve you. Join us at our next concert, seminar/workshop. Should you need immediate healing, our healing clinics and trained cellular music therapists are here for you.


violinDr. Barbara Romanowska (Barbra Angel) is the author and teacher of “Tune & Heal” including In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy method that has been known in Europe since 2003.

She holds a PH.D. in Naturopathy [ULC, California, USA] and Master of Arts at Composition/Arrangement and Vocalism [Academy of Music, Poland, EU]. She has published many CDs and eight books in different languages regarding her Tune &Heal mission. Through her life she has performed all over the world and specifically for the last ten years she has led healing concerts, lectures and certified training courses Tune & Heal including In-Depth Cellular Music Therapy based on accreditation. As a Reverend and her Healing Music Ministry she is gifted speaker, teacher, mentor, and coach.


To know more and order newly published book Tune&Heal in the USA : 

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