The Heartland Coalition is currently operating training centers in San Diego, and Pomona, California, as well as Saint George, Utah. Eight new training centers are scheduled to open next year. The funding is provided by Federal, State, and Corporate Grants and Programs as well as private donations. Trainers will be certified through NHB-PACT (The National Homebuilders Institute Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training Program). The training includes small business management training, design, and architecture as well as basic skills in carpentry and other trades such as electrical, plumbing and pipe fitting, cement masonry, solar installation, weatherization, painting and finishing, as well as design and architecture. Graduates have a direct entry into the Southwest Carpenters Training Fund Unions in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Graduates also have direct entry to non-union as well as union state and nationally approved apprenticeship programs. The starting wages are $16 to $22 per hour plus a full benefits package. Third year apprentices will earn $37 per hour minimum and $17 per hour in benefits. Students will become journeyman after the 4th year and can work in any state in the U.S. and any province in Canada. Students will receive a week long training every three months which is fully paid for and for which the students can receive college credit. The Heartland Construction Trailing Program is eligible for ETPL funding and is listed on the Cal Jobs and I – Train websites which can be accessed by signing up with local Employment Development offices. The Heartland Construction Careers Training Program includes direct instruction in safety, small business development, carpentry, electrical, cement masonry, and plumbing and pipefitting. Students can choose extended training in areas such as painting and finishing, solarization, landscaping, design and architecture, engineering, HVAC, and weatherization. Students will receive one on one instruction on an industry-recognized certificate or certification, Employment, A measurable skills gain leading to a credential, A measurable skills gain leading to employment

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