About Heartland Coalition

Advancing Sustainable Communities

Heartland was formed in 1997 as a volunteer effort to affect positive change in the Renewal Communities of San Diego County. Since that time, the organization has expanded with additional offices in Los Angeles, San Diego, Brawley, California and Sitka, Alaska. Heartland has served over 2,248 people. In October of 2007, the agency’s sister organization, UnitedGREEN was founded to support the agency’s green initiatives and green education events such as the 2008 Architecture 2030 Conference, co-sponsored by UCSD. In October of 2008, UnitedGREEN orchestrated a Green Economy Event at UCSD. Heartland presented courses in productivity, communication, organizational finance, and business incubation at this conference and at other conferences and community workshops since the UCSD meetings. Heartland’s commitment to the community is exemplified by the agency’s huge disaster relief effort after the 2003 San Diego Wildfires. After the 2007 San Diego Wildfires, UnitedGREEN assisted fire survivors in rebuilding green. Heartland’s Project Renaissance has provided public art for schools and communities, also showcasing artworks by fire survivors. Heartland currently runs seven projects. Under the dba UnitedGREEN, Heartland is directing Rebuilding Green, which will employ 16 people. The GreenSmart Training, Service and Eco-Industrial centers in Barrio Logan, Southeast San Diego, and Otay Mesa will be extensions of this program. In addition, our Apple Valley location will provide instruction in building information management, as well as wind, solar energy and weatherization. This location will also include a commercial vertical organic urban farm. In cooperation with JPMorgan Chase, Heartland will weatherize and solarize homes that have been repossessed, making them available to low-income families. Heartland collaborates with 85 community partners including major educational institutions and school districts, the San Diego Imperial Counties Labor Council and Employee Rights Center, construction trade unions, corporate partners such as JPMorgan Chase Bank and Toyota of El Cajon, California Center for Sustainable Energy, SDG&E, environmental and solar enterprises, San Diego Workforce Partnership and many others.

Advancing Communities

Heartland Coalition serves the low-income residents of California, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska with projects in the areas of career and community development, housing and healthcare.

Greener Future

Heartland Coalition cares about environmental protection and clean energy solutions creating a greener and more sustainable society.

Disaster Relief & Cultural Awareness

Heartland Coalition helps to assist with disaster relief, education and the public arts.

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Our Team

Board Members

Mark Hanson, Ph.D., President and Executive Director

Jackie Hanson, Director, Project Renaissance

Alisi Matale, Director, Heartland Los Angeles

Dan Ortiz, Political Affairs Coordinator

Ramiro Sandoval, CFO, Treasurer

Kyle Shull, Director, Heartland Alaska

Staff Contact List

Mark Hanson, Ph.D., President, Executive Director

Phone: (619) 261 7180

Ramiro Sandoval, CFO

Dustin Johnson, COO

Mercedes Perez, Sustainable Housing Transaction Coordinator

Gabriel Sarrano, Housing Counselor

Walt Meyer, Communications Director

Genny Crane, Business Manager

Rebecca Mendoza, Clinic Operations Liaison

Advisory Board

Jim Bell, Director, Heartland Foundation Research Center/Ecological Life Systems Institute, GreenSMART Focus Group Coordinator, Central San Diego/City

Greg Chick, Project GreenSMART Focus Group Coordinator, North County Inland

Amy Evans, Community Clinic Business Manager

Nathan Feinstein, Director, Project HealthWORK

Ignacio Jimenez, Sustainability Director

Tony Lazarus, Project GreenSMART Focus Group Coordinator, North County/Coastal

Rebecca Mendoza, Human Resources Coordinator

Gerri Pennerman, Director, Mikey’s Feed the People

Alan Ridley, Project GreenSMART Focus Group Coordinator, South Bay

Rebecca Rivera, Coordinator for Mikey’s Feed the People

Robin Shull, Educational Director for Heartland Alaska

Diane Slater, Housing Counselor, Heartland Alaska

Leon Thompson, Project GreenSMART Focus Group Coordinator, East County

Wade Vernon, Green Technology Advisor

Scott Whitley, Project GreenSMART Contractor